Why should I have my steering and suspension inspected?

Everyday driving on Irish roads and weather conditions create wear and tear on your suspension and steering systems. All of the components that make up those systems such as shocks, coil springs, struts, ball joints, control arm bushings and steering linkage will wear and weaken over time. This wear creates excessive tire wear, instability in road handling and loss of ride comfort, steering control and drivability.

Why should I have my steering & suspension inspected
Why should I have my steering & suspension inspected

When should my steering & suspension be checked out?

Well, the short answer is that most car manufacturers recommend inspecting each system at every 50,000 miles

Remember, your steering and suspension system should be reviewed on a periodic basis as you hit major milestones. Like all other systems on your car, your steering and suspension systems need occasional maintenance. The best times to inspect your steering and suspension include:

  • Annually – regardless of miles – age deteriorates rubber and hydraulic parts
  • Most car manufacturers recommend inspecting each system at every 50,000 miles
  • When oil and filter is changed a visual inspection should be performed
  • When your brake system is serviced
  • Inspect your steering when tires are replaced – worn parts can reduce tire life
  • If you observe fluid leaking where you park
  • You should do it anytime your vehicle is in for routine service and the steering and suspension is accessible
  • Check it when you feel that your car exhibits any irregular control or handling characteristics

Who should inspect your steering and suspension?

If you feel that your car needs to be inspected or it is simply time for a routine check on the vehicle, you should take your car to a local mechanic who has the proper diagnostic equipment and expertise. 

Remember, steering and suspension systems are as much a part of the safe operation of your vehicle as the braking system – be sure that who works on your car has the knowledge and experience it takes to work on steering and suspension systems.

You are more than welcome to contact Westwing Motors in Blanchardstown and come to our garage with all the necessary equipment. We will be more than happy to assist you and inspect steering and suspension of your car or van.

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