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Car and van repair service

Here at Westwing Motors, we like to think we provide a one-stop solution for anyone involved in the commercial vehicle industry. In maintaining our expansive fleet of hire vehicles we developed an in-house commercial vehicle repair and maintenance centre, maintained by extremely experienced mechanical experts, so it was the logical decision to open up our services to the general public.

It is worth noting that you do not have to use the body shop stated by your insurance company. You are perfectly within your rights to choose which body shop carries out your car or van’s bodywork repairs. Our specialist off-site bodywork repair centre is fully Insurance. Approved and is equipped with the latest equipment which allows us to repair the bodywork and respray practically every make and model of car and van.


Full vehicle service

Our Car Servicing Technicians will ensure your vehicles are always up to the job. We know that your business needs your vehicles running smoothly, so our commercial van service has an out of hour’s key drop off facility to make leaving your van with us more convenient.

Westwing Motors provides general servicing to clients’ cars or commercial vehicles. It’s recommended that cars be serviced every 12,000 miles to maintain optimum efficiency. When servicing is neglected the vehicle can become sluggish, more expensive to run and small problems may eventually become major issues.

Our comprehensive service leaves your car running at optimum efficiency and our expert mechanic gives you detailed paperwork and a servicing overview of any issues that may have arisen with your vehicle since your last service.


Brake system service

Brakes supplied and fitted. If your brakes feel ‘spongy’ or unresponsive, or your vehicle pulls to one side while you are braking, please bring your vehicle into Westwing Motors to have your brakes checked. We have the equipment to provide a detailed analysis of your complete braking system, and can perform brake repairs and supply new brake pads.

DPF service

Blocked DPF may result of turbocharger damage. Main symptoms of blocked DPF: – DPF warning light on dashboard – the vehicle has lost the power or gone into limp mode. We can clean any type of DPF and return it to you in nearly new condition, preventing the need to invest heavily in new filters.

Suspension and steering service

The vehicle’s steering and suspension system comprises of many components and assemblies, including steering racks, steering boxes, coil springs, leaf springs, shock absorbers, ball joints, bushes and mountings, stabiliser links, to name but a few. Westwing Motors offers to our clients in Blanchardstown and surrounding areas professional Car Steering and Suspension Check & Repair.

Identifying suspension problems:

– Heavy Steering

– Faulty Power Steering Belt

car battery supply

12V battery supply and fit

If you’re looking for a replacement car battery in Dublin 15 you can visit our garage in Blanchardstown. Batteries fitted professionally and quickly at our shops. Many of us have experienced that dreaded moment when you turn the key in the ignition and are greeted with nothing.But don’t worry – if your car battery has gone flat, we’re here to help. We have all the necessary equipment for a hassle-free service.

Timing belt and chain replace

Timing belt has vital importance. Once your belt shows signs of wear and tear, it will prevent all the parts of your car’s engine from working in sync. This could end up seriously damaging your engine. Early indications can be poor running and engine warning lights.

The belt will have a ‘life’ (4 years is not uncommon) or a mileage, again it will vary considerably by manufacturer, refer to the owner’s manual for guidance. If the belt snaps, the car can suffer catastrophic internal damage caused by the valves and pistons banging into each other.



Clutch, flywheel, gearbox repair

If you have any concerns that your clutch may be faulty or may be developing a fault, all you need to do is to arrange to bring your vehicle into Westwing Motors and we will check it over for you, often on a ‘while-you-wait’ basis. Our expert diagnosis team of highly-qualified mechanics will quickly be able to ascertain whether your clutch does indeed have issues, and the work that will be required to bring your clutch back up to scratch.

Turbocharger repair

Westwing Motors provides turbocharger services: electronic actuator diagnostics, turbocharger cleaning, air flow correction with VNT test machine, standard repair, full repair. Common problems which indicates that your turbocharger is faulty: engine lacks power, poor transient response, smoke, black exhaust smoke, blue exhaust smoke, noisy turbocharger, cyclic sound from the turbocharger, oil leak from compressor seal, oil leak from turbine seal  high oil consumption, engine running hot.

engineers report

CVRT engineers report

We can carry out the modification you require to bring your vehicle up to specification so that it passes the CVRT test. Examples of this work include:

– Repairs made to primary structure components, by welding in new metal of same gauge as the manufactured component

– Extensive rust can only be repaired by replacing /removing all rusted material and reinforcing it so that the original strength of affected structural member is re-established.