Professional turbocharger repair services in Dublin 15

Professional turbocharger repair services in Dublin 15

If you are seeking a skilled turbocharger specialist with experience, who can guarantee an excellent repair, replacement or rebalancing service then you have come to the right place.

At Westwing Motors we pride ourselves on providing a high quality, efficient turbo repair service on your existing turbo, rather than providing you with either a new turbocharger or one from our stock. Years of experience tells us this is the best practice and when time allows, turbos should be repaired rather than replaced.

Professional turbocharger repair services in Dublin 15
Professional turbocharger repair services in Dublin 15

You can be rest assured that our prices for all turbocharger repairs, replacements and rebalancing in Dublin 15 is always kept to an absolute minimum to ensure complete satisfaction to all of our customers.

When carrying out turbo repairs we are often asked by our customers to upgrade their turbocharger at the same time, as this is an ideal opportunity, whilst the turbo has already been removed from its application.

There are several reasons that a turbocharger can fail, and it’s not always that simple to identify a fault with your turbo. Here are some of the most common turbocharger problems that our turbo repairs team encounter on a daily basis.

The benefits of the turbocharger repair service

  • More cost-effective than turbo exchange in the long term
  • Identify the root cause of the problem to prevent it happening again
  • Guaranteed fixed-price gives you peace of mind

Warning Signs of Turbo Failure

Poor Acceleration

Your car will not accelerate as quickly as it once did, or you won’t reach optimum revs easily. This usually indicates a lack of boost in order to spool up the turbo, which essentially is what sends additional power to the engine to help it accelerate quicker.

Irregular or Excessive Exhaust Fumes

Irregular exhaust fumes or grey smoke emitted from the exhaust is signs of wear on the turbo and it should be checked out immediately.

Loud Shrieking Noise

You can usually tell if a turbo is failing because it will emit a loud audible siren sound while under boost. At this point, it is worth keeping revs to a minimum and taking it to your local turbo specialist. Trying to repair this component yourself is not advisable and best left to a professional to avoid further engine damage, which can be costly to repair.

Check Engine Light

Most modern engines have sensors to detect a worn or blown turbo and ideally once this light comes on the car should not be driven and it should be checked out firstly to check if it is a turbo related problem and if it is getting a turbo repair specialist to repair or replace the necessary turbo parts.

Can a turbocharger be repaired?

In most cases, a turbocharger can be repaired, unless the outer housings are damaged. It is imperative that you get a warranty in case the turbo fails again.

What happens if my turbo stops working?

Be aware that when your turbo fails the pieces will drop down into the intercooler and the oil seals will fail. Unfortunately the engine can actually run on this oil and can run away at maximum RPM until all the oil is used up, at which point the engine will seize.

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