Pre-NCT / Pre-CVRT check


Pre-NCT / Pre-CVRT check and preparation

The NCT or CVRT (for commercial vehicles) is a compulsory vehicle inspection programme introduced in 2000 as part of an EU Directive, which aims to improve road safety in Ireland. Avoiding or delaying your car’s NCT / CVRT could result in penalty points and fines so don’t be tempted to put it on the long finger.

Westwing Motors do a full Pre-NCT / Pre-CVRT check on your car in our garage in Dublin 15 and will do whatever work that needs to be done for it to pass. Preparing your car for scheduled NCT / CVRT test is straight forward, please see the check list that we will do when you come to our garage before going for NCT / CVRT

What does the Westwing Motors Pre-NCT / Pre-CVRT Check Include?

Our expert mechanic checks and repairs areas of your vehicle that are common reasons for an NCT or CVRT fail.